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El creador de la tienda de ropa de Andorra Sastreria Sabateria Sport


The history of Sastrería Sabateria Sport dates back to 1954, when Mr. Josep Pubill Garrabé arrived in the Principality of Andorra for the first time.
At that time, Mr. Garrabé developed his career temporarily during the summer at the old Capri Tailoring, located in Escaldes - Engordany. But it was not until 1958, the year in which he met his future wife, Mrs. Nicola Armengol Montané, that he decided to settle permanently in the country.

In 1963, after an intermittent period in the principality, Mr. Pubill Garrabé decided to become independent and open his own business under the name of Sastrería Sabateria Sport, with a staff of 7 people, located at 45 Avinguda Carlemany, location that it has maintained to this day.

With initial studies at Seu d'Urgell and specializations at the American Mitchell Cutting and Dressmaking Academy in Barcelona, Mr. Pubill Garrabé completed his training in the French city of Toulouse, where he would end up consolidating his career as a tailor.

Today, more than 60 years after its beginnings, Sastrería Sabateria Sport continues to reaffirm its philosophy of attention and quality, dressing men and women with top-line brands such as Digel, Pierre Cardín, Seidensticker, among many others, remaining a tailoring benchmark in the Principality of Andorra.

With an area of more than 250 m², the Avinguda Carlemany store and the company's original headquarters, has a wide variety of options for each gender and style, with casual garments and more formal suits that you can complete with a important and careful selection of footwear. Everything is part of a comprehensive proposal whose sole objective is to bring sophistication and distinction to each look.

La sastreria Capri donde empezó el señor Josep entes de abrir su tienda en Andorra


Quality brands like:

sastreria Sport marca Corsare a Andorra
sastreria Sport Andorra marca Pierre Cardin
sastreria Sport marca Geox
sastreria Sport marca Digel
sastreria Sport marca Seidensticker
sastreria Sport tienda de trajes en Andorra
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